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Airport provides a free shuttle bus to the two long term parking facilities at the airport. The area surrounding the terminal is divided into very distinct parts.

There are parking facilities for 262 buses right across from the airport’s own bus terminal with a further 90 spaces for buses located next to this parking facility. The rental car providers have parking spaces for 408 hire cars and the limousine services at the terminal occupy a further 827 car parking spaces. For taxis there are 402 parking spaces located right by the terminal.

Bangkok Airport parking for passengers is located between the airport hotel and the terminal building, where car parking spaces are available in two giant multi-storey car park buildings. In total the airport provides parking for 15,000 vehicles. Parking is fairly secure, as airport police patrol the two buildings and the two long term parking facilities.

Passengers have easy access to the two multi-storey car parks from the terminal’s level 3, as there are covered walkways leading into them, which are well signposted. These two New Bangkok Airport parking facilities are designated for short term parking. Parking is charged by the hour in these facilities, with fees decreasing after the first two hours.

Long term parking at New Bangkok Airport is provided via 4,000 car parking spaces in the long term facilities located on the surface lot. Buses can also park in this giant facility.

Only disabled passengers will find designated parking areas close to the car parks’ entrances and exits, with the majority of them being located in the short term car park buildings close to the terminal.

The first hour for short term parking at Suvarnabhumi Airport is charged at 25 baht, with the daily rate costing 250 baht. Long term parking at Suvarnabhumi Airport is charged at 20 baht for the first hour and 140 baht for a day rate.

Suvarnabhumi Airport was designed to handle 45 million passengers per annum, but this year alone more than 51 million passengers are expected to use the Thai airport (up from 47.1 million in 2011). Major congestion and long immigration lines have dogged the airport of late and the travel gridlock during rush hour on Bangkok’s roads has added further to travellers’ woes. Passengers need to allow plenty of time for passport controls and security checks.

Although automatic gates are used to cut down on congestion at passport control and more staff has been added to handle the increase in passenger numbers, travellers must arrive as early as possible on international flight routes to avoid missing their flights completely. Knowing where best to park the car or where to return the rental car to at the end of the hire contract can make all the difference between boarding the flight home or standing overnight in a queue with others who have missed their flight.

The long and short term parking at Suvarnabhumi Airport can be reached via either one of the 5 access routes into the airport. The most convenient route from the city of Bangkok is via the Bangkok Chon Buri Motorway (motorway no. 7) and also from the Samut Prakan province to the main airport entrance via the expressway linking Bang Na and Bang Pakong.

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